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August 19, 2011


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Summer isn’t over yet!

Here is a collection of works I’ve gathered over the past three weeks. Some of these are from my recent thread post - urging artists to post works which reminded them of summer. Others come from those who have supported me or those who I've simply stumbled upon.

I hope you all enjoy!

Butterfly-5 by DragonflyAndromeda Blisss by Oer-Wout
Ollie by daisicalolliwog Serenata by sar-the-scare pisketliler by MistyTableau
friendly mode by MistyTableau :thumb245295548: Nepco Morning 2 by DrThunder1963 Ripple by LightrayPhotography
lay your head here by SaphoPhotographics B e e  v2 by Abdulazizmuseib Fresh by Perbear42 :thumb216400515: :thumb216384928: Above It by Animegirl300 Late Opening Sunflower by JocelyneR ladybug 3 by RothermRebeka One by alanacaitlin
:thumb243676342: A Passing Chance by AnnaAddiction Unspoken by sesam-is-open
:thumb245226733: Early Spring. by Vibeviant
Setting Sun by Elfedward Listening To Colors 1911 by anubis281 Midsummer by Suncut
The ship by danny820 dream away by adrkrist I need you by Prieblanda No horizon by ImpatientButterfly
Mermaid by ImpatientButterfly Summer Sun Times by LoneDoggy Home by Mawenzi Early Morning by Autumn64 Repose by goldomega Moor by goldomega Abstract by mellz1983 In the Moment by TeaPhotography The Oslofjord at sunset by CLithen
It Was Then That I Carried You by NoMoreRoomToBreathe Golden Sunset by Soujyo Feels like Summer by SkyHalo
Summer Sonata by Scarlettletters
Volley Girl by JoaoRodrigoBaptista Flower and Butterfly by annsquare iced tea by bechahns
A Moment of Happiness by Karolina1305 I thougth I could fly... by Karolina1305 To Know That Youre Alive by Skysofdreams :thumb208769927:
..:.Reise ohne Ziel I.:.. by DeathxFairy songe apres songe by 44gatti Raining Rainbows by AngelaLeonetti Cotton Candy Clouds by Emerald-Depths Marijuana Moon by AnneFrank05 Whimsical by cadydid fairytale by MistyTableau Summer 2011 ID by gold-rose Good morning by Vampirbiene
french sunflower fields by PurpleEspresso In abundance by dylandorf Damaged by Smidow
Red Beauty by EmiraPhotography Sillu lill by TriinErg
Coming in for a Landing by wanderlust-or-bust Faithful by alanacaitlin Sea of Flowers by TheRealFox
Orange Echinacea by Karl-B :thumb241882397: tulip. by Chervonnaya 036 by DorottyaS
Black-eyed Beauty by Pittfiend 159. by Skysofdreams Hibiscus by Kikeri-Ki Excel. by LoveBlindsEyes Hoverfly by inmc BURST by MarilynFaye Backdrop. by practicallyBubonic Yellow Flowers by Dark-Slytherin Nuzzle by Dark-Slytherin
:thumb208725057: :thumb252082342: Summer Day by gamebalance
trap for a fly by gamebalance Shoes by MarilynFaye
:thumb245040085: 046 by DorottyaS :thumb243250875:
x - Wreath by TriinErg makovi. by zelenOo Straight Towards the Sun by artahh Ocean's Dream by SuperSonicHero10
Rocky Shore by qui3ton3 L O V E by Abdulazizmuseib Something's Fishy... by SofiaERamirez :thumb244704617: Just A Kiss by ComatosePrincess Red Wall Canyon by AvisTheArtistGeek Peaking Sun by plantm Pateira de Fermentelos IV by skypho Reflections by wanderlust-or-bust
Yosemite 61 by Mikemeadows91 Widowmaker by Mishkin-Rayman Wenderholm by TheRedRussian
The old boat and the fjord by NorthernAnimator To The Horizon by RaijuTheory
:thumb227514826: Royal Crane Couple by palemoonwolf Soar by Amaruuk
Synchronized Spinners by Hysazu Relaxation on the Beach by EmiraPhotography :thumb251460540: SEAMBIOSIS by krio0ut
Burning Sky 01 by TheRealFox Summer. by lica20 Bukovina summer 2 by lica20 old dock remains by archonGX sunset stories by archonGX Summer Evening by Katzilla13 I gave up dreaming by alanacaitlin beautiful morning by ozonablue Drowning Sun 2 by SonikGroove
Flaming Sky by DrThunder1963 After all by Futterblies Tides of Gold II by libertine1182
SetSilhouette. by practicallyBubonic Golden Days by AdARDurden
A Glimpse Of Eternity by JustinDeRosa Flaming Love by primalfuryan
Pinkish Night by FrugleRetort Cosmic Chase by cottoncritter The Purple Sky by Andreimelente Last of today's Sunset by Shalloway
Mer Pourpre by Feufoll3t Untitled III by TehWeaver :thumb213472169: Sky of Colors. by Crimson-Bloom I N F I N I T Y by ScorpionEntity Summer Storm by HappyRock :thumb244183955: :thumb244438755: Red Hill by DPasschier
Beach Sunset 3 by darkjon Superstorm by DPasschier Daylight Dies by JustinDeRosa
my little mushroom cloud by dagwood24 Intensive Sunset by LoneDoggy
Sunset by xTernal7 :thumb220561914: Fragile by LA34
R-Rated by Katzilla13 Lady Bug by czeslawem Summer Wishes by gold-rose Bud by LA34
Japanese beetle by thedirtyknapkin :thumb252847038: Garopaba by Miguel-Santos
:thumb244285630: :thumb244665076: Look up - Summer by Pixturesque Charmer by ssoltan
Tenderness included by Lirulin-yirth Heavenly flowers by Lirulin-yirth
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